Sunday, April 21, 2013



Five weary but excited travelers made it to our hotel in Xi'an in the Shanxi Privince last night, (Saturday evening China time.)  Thank you for your prayers!!!  We met our wonderful friend and PRO liasion, Julie Ma...  Julie runs the show over here, and we are so thankful that she is holding our hands on this trip.  She planned a very special day for us today to help us get over our jetlag quickly..  We started our day at the museum of The Teracotta Warriors.  It was incredible to see this historical site in person.  Pictures do not do it justice..  It is vast, and the attention to detail leaves you in awe of the craftsmen involved.  After lunch, Julie took us to the wall that surrounds the beautiful city of Xi'an.  We rode bikes 7 miles around the city.  It was such a fun way to see Xi'an.  After our adventure we headed to dinner for what Xi'an is known for, their dumplings.  Not only are their dumplings delicious, they are a work of art.  

Tomorrow we head to the Hunan Province.   Changsha holds a special  place in all of our hearts..  We are very excited to be with the Bamboo Babies..  We will meet up with the kids and their foster families on Tuesday.

More soon from the PRO team!


  1. Give those babies some love from our Family, especially Mr Riley!! :)

  2. Cannot wait to share your Hunan experience! Those little ones are going to have a great time with you all. Such an amazing experience. Blessings.