Monday, December 31, 2012

Three Sweet Boys Need Sponsorship!

Going into 2013 three of our Bamboo Baby Boys need one new family to sponsor them!  I am excited to see what the new year brings for our children!  Hopefully, it will be a year of many adoptions and sweet forever family moments!!!  I look forward to welcoming new children as we say goodbye to some of our precious kids!  I continue to be amazed at the gift of watching our families grow!!  A special thank you to all of our current and past Pearl River sponsors.  You are blessing these kids daily with your financial support!!

For now, there are three little guys, that need you!  Two of these boys have been with us a while.  Praying this is their year!!

Introducing from oldest to youngest:


Age 5
Born February 22, 2007
Special Need - Development and Speech Delays

Here is what Asher's foster mother told us about him recently!  "Asher has been doing fabulous. He can now count past 100 and recites poetry for guests that come to visit his foster family. His foster mother has also taught him to pull a chair out for each guest. His foster mother says that he is very good & polite boy.

Age 5
Born September 12, 2007 
Special Need - Deformity of the right hand

Our team was just with Joseph last month..  Here is a summary of what Julie had to say about this very special little boy...  "I was most impressed with "Joseph."  When I first met him when he joined our program in 2009 his serious face and big eyes made a deep impression on me.  He almost never smiled.  But with the meticulous care from his foster family, he started gradually changing.  We see him smile all the time now!  "Joseph" is a smart and handsome little boy.  I hope he can have a adoptive family soon!"

Age 2
Born August 21, 2010
Special Need - Post Operative Foot Deformity

Here is what Cayden's Foster Mother told us about him..  "Cayden's foster mom says that he is a very happy boy, but that he does occasionally throw temper tantrums when he does not get his way.  (Sounds like a normal 2 year old to me!! :) ) Cayden's vocabulary continues to grow and he makes his wants known. His foster mother says that he always takes his socks & shoes off when he is in the buggy at the local market. His foster mother says that she loves the boy very much.

If you would like to be the sponsor of Asher, Joseph, or Cayden you can sign up directly at our donation page here.
Or, you can email me at

Sponsorships are $420 annually.
Pearl River is a non-profit organization, and all sponsorship donations are tax deductible!

Thank you, and Happy New Year!!!

Friday, December 28, 2012


Our Website is now up and running again along with our Pearl River Email Server!
You can email me at for sponsorship information!

The following BOYS are still in need of sponsorship as we go into the New Year!
Sponsorships are a Tax-Deductible Donation!

Hengshan, Hunan
Birthday  - September 12, 2007

Changsha, Hunan
Birthday - August 21, 2010

Changsha, Hunan
Birthday - December 4, 2010

Changsha, Hunan
Birthday - June 24, 2010

Changsha, Hunan
Birthday - February 22, 2007

The cost to sponsor one of our Bamboo Babies is $35 per Month, $105 per Quarter or $420 Annually.
If you are interested please email me at

Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sponsorship Update!

Thanks to the new families that have come forward to be a PRO sponsor!  We are excited to have you join our special group of families!

Here is an update on who still needs you before the New Year begins!

Christmas 20121-1-Sponsors-Update

BDay ~ 9-12-07
*Needs 1 Sponsor

BDay ~ 8-21-07
*Needs 1 Sponsor

BDay ~ 2-22-07
*Needs 1 Sponsor

BDay ~ 6-24-10
*Needs 1 Sponsor

BDay ~ 6-22-11
*Needs 1 Sponsor

*Kellan has been sponsored!  Thank you "J" Family

If you would like to gift the gift of sponsorship, you can go to our donation link.

You can also email me at

Thank you!

Monday, December 17, 2012

"Fill Their Stockings With Hope" Thank you's and MORE!


It is so hard to hug everyone of you from my office here in MSP...  But, that is exactly what I want to do!!!!  So many of you joyfully gave to 20 special orphans in China...  You gave so much that we are hopeful that the number of children in our care will grow next year..  We are hopeful that one or two can be pulled from their orphanages and put in to the loving care of a family until it's time..  Time for their forever!!!

I can promise our precious Bamboo Babies will have birthday parties, gifts, clothes, food and lots of hugs in 2013.  Some of those may come from me personally..  I have been invited to love on our Bamboo Babies this spring..  The details are being finalized soon, but I am praying that I do indeed get to go.  
And, if I do, I am going to tell them about some very special angels that care about them from afar. What a blessing that will be!~

Together we raised $7520 for Pearl River Outreach!  That is 151% of our original goal!!  How awesome is that?  Pretty fantastic I think!!


But, it get's better!!!  Look what we raised as a group for the children affected by "Fill Their Stockings With Hope!"  
It has been a blessing to partner with my friend Stefanie representing, "An Orphan's Wish" and my friend Lisa representing, "Half The Sky."  It's so humbling to be a part of this event!  
One I hope we get to continue together annually for a long time!


Pearl River would like to personally thank, our generous group of donors, that made our amazing bundles possible:

A Mother’s Art
Savor Photography
One Willow Presets
Little Luv Letters
Mitzi Franz
Chris from 
Layers of Life
Lauren at 
Ginger Peachy Kids
Matilda Jane
anonymous in honor of 
An Orphan’s Wish
anonymous in honor of 
Pearl River Outreach 
Branda from 
Days Made of Now
The Kessler Family
Jesus Loves Orphans
Scarlet Threads
The Lokey Family

Next, I am very excited to share the winner of our Final Bundle, "Flights, Camera, Action."
Congratulations to SueAnn!!!!  
Enjoy all of your awesome gifts!

Lastly, I can't close this post without sharing the photos of our Bamboo Babies that need a new sponsor going into 2013.  If you would like to be part of our Pearl River Family, please contact me:

Christmas 20121-1-Sponsors

First Row
Joseph (Hengshan), Cayden** (Changsha), Asher (Changsha)
Second Row
Quinn (Changsha), Rose** (Changsha), Kellan (Changsha) 

**Needs 2 Sponsors

The cost to support one of our babies from afar is:
$35 per month, or $420 annually.
Our donations link to sign up is here

MERRY Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Pearl River Outreach!!


Friday, December 14, 2012

How About The Gift of Sponsorship?

One of the reasons we started "Fill Their Stockings With Hope" last year was to help create a "cushion" fund for our Bamboo Babies.  A fund that would off-set sponsorships when they were needed, along with doing extra things for the children like celebrating their birthdays, getting them new clothes, buying educational toys, etc..  This fund has been an enormous blessing.

My job at Pearl River Outreach is to make sure that our kids are sponsored at 100%.  I have been doing this almost three years now, and I have been amazed at the generosity of our families.  Many of you have just found us, and emailed me to sponsor one of our kids.  Some of you have fallen in love with a photo, and have prayed for our babies to find their forever family..  Some of you have even been blessed to adopt one of our children...  It has been such a blessing to watch our Pearl River Family grow.  Our alumni of Bamboo Babies is growing each month as one leaves, and a new one joins us!  We have celebrated many adoptions in 2012!!  This month we are excited to announce that both Rue and Liza will be meeting their new families.  What a wonderful time of year to join your new family!  If you think of these sweet babies, please pray for their transitions.  No matter how prepared a child is to go, it's all new!  We are thankful that their time at PRO teaches them what love can do!  Our goal is that their hearts are open for the next part of their journey.  From the stories we have been blessed to follow we have seen this to be true!

This is the time of year when many of our sponsorships expire.  We have several children that need a family to help them along in the new year.  The cost of sponsorship is $35 per year, or $420 annually.  You have the choice of signing up monthly, quarterly, or annually by going to our donations page, here!

Here are the Bamboo Babies that need one or more sponsor families now!

Look at her kissable cheeks!!!!
(Needs 2 Sponsors)
Changsha, Hunan
Born June 22, 2011

(Needs 1 Sponsor)
Changsha, Hunan
Born June 24, 2010

(Needs 1 Sponsor)
Changsha, Hunan
Born March 14, 2010

*Fully Sponsored!
Changsha, Hunan
Born December 31, 2010

(Needs 2 Sponsors)
Changsha, Hunan
Born February 22, 2007

(Needs 2 Sponsors)
Changsha, Hunan
Born August 21, 2010

(Fully Sponsored!)
Zhanjiang, Guangdong
Born March 10, 2012

(Needs 1 Sponsor)
Hengshan, Hunan
September 12, 2007

Please email me directly with any questions!
We would love to have you join our Pearl River Family!


FTS 2012.... Winding it down!


It is almost time for "Fill Their Stockings 2012" to end..  You have generously given again this year.  I am humbled by your answer to the call to help some precious children you may never know half a world away.  When we add it all up, it will be over $20,000 raised for the children of Pearl River OutreachAn Orphan's Wish, and Half The Sky!!!  Amazing!  
I hope you have felt joy in the giving!  What a blessing it has been to witness to your generosity!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for truly "Filling Up Their Stockings!"
(You can click above, or scroll down)

Merry Merry Christmas from all of us a PRO!

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Final Final: "Flights, Camera, Action Bundle!"

Thank you to all of you who have supported "Fill Their Stockings With Hope" this year!  It has been another amazing event as we have watched you generously give to Pearl River Outreach, Half the Sky and An Orphan's Wish.  We are so close to hitting the goals we have each set for our organizations!  You have put us in a position to make a difference in the lives of some very special children in China.  
Thank you!!

We are excited to share with you our last bundle!  If you are a photography enthusiast, this is the bundle for you.. If you like to travel, this is the bundle for you... My guess is there is someone on your list (like me) that would be thrilled to receive these gifts!!  A special thanks to our very generous donors!!

The rules are the same...  We ask that you donate a minimum of $5.00 to play.  This will get you one entry.  (The more you donate, the more chances you have to win.  Example:  $25 - 5 chances, etc..)  If you can't donate, but would like a chance to win, you are welcome to leave your name and address in the comments of this post.  This bundle expires at 11:59 (eastern time) on Friday, December 14th!

Introducing the "Flights, Camera, Action Bundle!"

Donated by Florabella:  Website ~ Facebook



A very special thank you to The Long Road To China* who has donated in honor of "Half the Sky" the canvases, the photography classes and the airline tickets!!  If you are the lucky winner of this bundle, consider using the plane tickets to visit Lisa personally for a personal photography workshop!  I have been blessed to do one of Lisa's on-sight workshops and it was fantastic!!

Throughout this event, I have shared my heart for orphans.  I am motivated to help by seeing what love can do in the life of a child.    We are so close to our goal of $5000 again this year.  My prayer is that you will help us achieve, and perhaps surpass that..  There are 20 special children I know that deserve it!!!!!

On behalf of Pearl River, THANK YOU for your great big hearts!!
And to my partners in "FTS2012" Stefanie and Lisa, I love you girls!
It has been a blessing to partner with you amazing women again!

Your gift will make a difference in the lives of these precious orphans while they wait for their forever!
Christmas 2012 2


Joseph, Zoe, Olivia, Jamison, Hattie
Rue, Gabriella, Aiden, Noah, Hannah
Cayden, Kade, Liza, Kellan, Asher
Poppy, Quinn, Grayson, Faith, and Rose
(If you would like to consider sponsoring a PRO baby in the new year, please contact me!   The cost of sponsorship is $35 per month!)

Monday, December 3, 2012

"The Sweet and Sassy Bundle!"

Two bundles to go, and $2300 left to raise to reach our goal of raising $5000 for the Bamboo Babies at Pearl River Outreach again this year...  Based on what we have in this "Sweet and Sassy Bundle" and our final offer next week, I know we can do it!!!  I am praying that we will!  

Remember your donation of $5.00 (boldly, I will say hopefully $10.00 today or more) will go towards a child to be living in a foster family until their forever happens.  I am passionate about this gift you are helping us to give the 21 children we currently support, and the ones that are waiting to be next.  I have seen it in action, and I know we are making a difference.  If I didn't feel so passionately about the "least of these" I wouldn't ask you to come along side me to make a difference too!

So check out the $750 in awesome prizes below...  YES - this is one bundle friends! If you are the lucky winner, all of the goodies below are coming to you!!!!!  BUT, you must donate by 11:59(ET) Friday night to enter to have a chance to win!!


Donated by the Lokey Family

Donated by Baby Bobo

Donated by the Sammons Family


Donated by Andrea at Blogging Mama

Donated by Jazmyn Hammett at Not Your Average Grandma

Donated by Valerie Almquist from Fuffled Feathers Company



THANK YOU for supporting our children at Pearl River Outreach!!  You are a blessing!
A special thanks to all of our sponsors of Bundle #5 and to Stefanie and Lisa for sharing in this worthy fundraiser again with me!!!

*If you are unable to donate today, you can leave you may leave your name and mailing address in the comments section here for a chance to win!