Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Sweet Afternoon.........


I can't believe it's Thursday night in China already...  There are no words to tell you how AMAZING this trip has been thus far.   What a blessing to see our program in action and the difference it is making in the lives of our Bamboo Babies..  For our sponsors reading this post, THANK YOU!!!!!  You are making a difference.  I have felt it, touched it, loved it...  It just makes me smile thinking about what we have witnessed in the past few days!!   We just arrived in Zhanjiag in the Guangdong Province.  I have so much to blog about, but I need to catch up on Changsha first.... Since my last post we have been in Hengshan and ZhuZhou..  And trust me when I say I have some sweet faces to introduce to you...  But for now, a glimpse into our precious afternoon on Tuesday at Changsha #1....  More soon!!!!

April 2013-6325-Di-Kellan-Quinn












Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Best Play Date Ever!

Today is truly beyond words..  Pictures will tell you more than I can eloquently write..   But, I can't go to sleep without sharing this special day with you.  We were invited to meet the Pearl River Babies and foster parents from Changsha #1 at a local park.  When we arrived 12 precious children were there waiting for us..  In many of their hands were flowers to greet us with..   My job today was to take pictures, along with stealing some smiles, playing a little peek-a-boo, making silly faces, and having my heart filled up in a big way..  There was one forever memory that melted my heart..  I will never be the same after this special day!

Precious Leighton


Ridiculously Cute Kade

Shy and special Hannah

Sweet Sawyer

Faith and her Foster Mama

Kellan and his Foster Mama

Handsome and Lovable Grayson

Smart and precious Faith

Christina with the kiddos

Incredible Charlotte

Aislinn and Riley

Gorgeous Noah

Beyond Adorable Riley

Happy (and hilarious) Quinn

Janie's Foster Mama with Paige

Darling and FUN Kellan

Sweet Baby Rose

 I made some new friends at this play date that I will never forget...  There were some precious moments that involved the foster parents too...  It was clear to me and anyone else witnessing this party that these children are well taken care of and loved...   A few extra priveleges that we were blessed with today at the park...  Jennifer and Paige were able to meet the foster mothers that took care of their girls until they were adopted.  And, I was able to share some pictures with some families back home who are waiting for a couple of amazing little boys to join their families..  Blessed is the only adjective I can come up with on this late night in China!

April 2013-6057

April 2013-6163-MsMeng
The Sweetest Firecracker you will ever meet.... Ms. Meng

Like a child, I never wanted this play date to end...  I hated saying goodbye...  Thankfully after nap time we met up with the babies at the orphanage for a final goodbye.. But, that will have to wait for another post!  Until then, here are the precious faces from Changsha #1!  


Monday, April 22, 2013

We Are In Changsha!!!


Your PRO Team has safely made it to Changsha, Hunan!  We are thrilled to be here!
We were greeted at the airport by the amazing Ms. Meng!  She is our tiny little Firecracker that runs the show in Changsha and Hengshan.  She is the one that oversees both programs, and checks on each child and family with her loving yet in complete control style!  She runs a tight ship, and wow do we love her!  She greeted us with her bright happy smile, and four gorgeous boquets of flowers.

In just a few minutes we get in our car to go to meet up with all the children and foster families from Changsha #1.  After that we will head to lunch with them and then on to the orphanage.  We will also be spending some times in the homes of our kids.

The next post should have some precious faces to share with all of you!

Thank you for your prayers..  We are grateful!

~Diana, Christina, Jennifer, Paige, Aislinn

Sunday, April 21, 2013



Five weary but excited travelers made it to our hotel in Xi'an in the Shanxi Privince last night, (Saturday evening China time.)  Thank you for your prayers!!!  We met our wonderful friend and PRO liasion, Julie Ma...  Julie runs the show over here, and we are so thankful that she is holding our hands on this trip.  She planned a very special day for us today to help us get over our jetlag quickly..  We started our day at the museum of The Teracotta Warriors.  It was incredible to see this historical site in person.  Pictures do not do it justice..  It is vast, and the attention to detail leaves you in awe of the craftsmen involved.  After lunch, Julie took us to the wall that surrounds the beautiful city of Xi'an.  We rode bikes 7 miles around the city.  It was such a fun way to see Xi'an.  After our adventure we headed to dinner for what Xi'an is known for, their dumplings.  Not only are their dumplings delicious, they are a work of art.  

Tomorrow we head to the Hunan Province.   Changsha holds a special  place in all of our hearts..  We are very excited to be with the Bamboo Babies..  We will meet up with the kids and their foster families on Tuesday.

More soon from the PRO team!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Made With Love........


I can't really recall when I met these women..  Somewhere in time along the paths of my journeys to China.  The three of us have one thing in common..  A heart for orphans.   This story is like an awesome God-made spider web..   It's about how God brings people into our lives and works it for His glory..  How he allows us to connect, share our gifts, give and go...

Not too long ago I heard about a beautiful non-profit called Leigh's Blankies.   This organization was started in memory of Leigh Ann Tonkinson to "Show God's love to children, one blankie at a time!"

My sweet friend, and Pearl River Sponsor, Julie was blessed to be one of Leigh's dearest friends.  I learned about these precious blankets during a visit last summer with Julie and her family.  In November Julie and her husband were in China adopting their precious baby girl and they had the opportunity to share blankets during their visit there....  She posted about it that day, here!  Julie's incredible pictures from that special day tell their own story! Later my little girls would be recipients too of these beautiful blankets..  On them, one simple tag..  It reads, on one side, "Let your Light Shine before men..."  On the other, "Leigh's Blankies."  Such a beautiful way of spreading God's Love, one blankie at a time!~   

pink star-blog

Next, my sweet friend Lori, also a Pearl River Sponsor, read Julie's poignant post..  This inspired Lori to reach out to Leigh's Blankies..  Lori, an amazing seamstress, decided this was something she could do...  So, she signed up to sew 50 blankies for  Leigh's Blankies for our China Trip!....  Yesterday I received Lori's amazing gift for the Bamboo Babies!  50 beautiful, soft flannel cotton blankets all sewn by her personally.  Thank you Lori for your gift of time, and love.  We can't wait to bless the children we meet with your gifts! We promise to wrap up as many babies as possible with your incredible blessings.  

The blankies are packed and ready to go...  
I am ready too..  Ready to love on some very special children who are waiting for their forevers!

We leave April 19th.  More soon on the details of our trip!!

"Let your light shine before men..."
Matthew 5:16