Monday, April 22, 2013

We Are In Changsha!!!


Your PRO Team has safely made it to Changsha, Hunan!  We are thrilled to be here!
We were greeted at the airport by the amazing Ms. Meng!  She is our tiny little Firecracker that runs the show in Changsha and Hengshan.  She is the one that oversees both programs, and checks on each child and family with her loving yet in complete control style!  She runs a tight ship, and wow do we love her!  She greeted us with her bright happy smile, and four gorgeous boquets of flowers.

In just a few minutes we get in our car to go to meet up with all the children and foster families from Changsha #1.  After that we will head to lunch with them and then on to the orphanage.  We will also be spending some times in the homes of our kids.

The next post should have some precious faces to share with all of you!

Thank you for your prayers..  We are grateful!

~Diana, Christina, Jennifer, Paige, Aislinn


  1. So good to read you are safely there. Sneak one or two little cuties home for me please :) (I promise I'll do the paperwork later)

  2. Cannot wait to see all those Precious faces!!


  3. Looks like an amazing trip so far! Praying for your days ahead! Can't wait to see your precious little ones you get to love on!