Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Made With Love........


I can't really recall when I met these women..  Somewhere in time along the paths of my journeys to China.  The three of us have one thing in common..  A heart for orphans.   This story is like an awesome God-made spider web..   It's about how God brings people into our lives and works it for His glory..  How he allows us to connect, share our gifts, give and go...

Not too long ago I heard about a beautiful non-profit called Leigh's Blankies.   This organization was started in memory of Leigh Ann Tonkinson to "Show God's love to children, one blankie at a time!"

My sweet friend, and Pearl River Sponsor, Julie was blessed to be one of Leigh's dearest friends.  I learned about these precious blankets during a visit last summer with Julie and her family.  In November Julie and her husband were in China adopting their precious baby girl and they had the opportunity to share blankets during their visit there....  She posted about it that day, here!  Julie's incredible pictures from that special day tell their own story! Later my little girls would be recipients too of these beautiful blankets..  On them, one simple tag..  It reads, on one side, "Let your Light Shine before men..."  On the other, "Leigh's Blankies."  Such a beautiful way of spreading God's Love, one blankie at a time!~   

pink star-blog

Next, my sweet friend Lori, also a Pearl River Sponsor, read Julie's poignant post..  This inspired Lori to reach out to Leigh's Blankies..  Lori, an amazing seamstress, decided this was something she could do...  So, she signed up to sew 50 blankies for  Leigh's Blankies for our China Trip!....  Yesterday I received Lori's amazing gift for the Bamboo Babies!  50 beautiful, soft flannel cotton blankets all sewn by her personally.  Thank you Lori for your gift of time, and love.  We can't wait to bless the children we meet with your gifts! We promise to wrap up as many babies as possible with your incredible blessings.  

The blankies are packed and ready to go...  
I am ready too..  Ready to love on some very special children who are waiting for their forevers!

We leave April 19th.  More soon on the details of our trip!!

"Let your light shine before men..."
Matthew 5:16


  1. Diana thank you for taking a piece of Leigh to China with you and spreading his love one blankie at a time. I can't wait to see what God has in store for you guys on this journey ... I know it is going to be nothing short of amazing. Praying with and for you!

  2. Diana, I can't wait to follow this amazing journey and see what God has in store for you ladies! I'm SO excited to watch as you LOVE on these precious children and share God's love for them with Leigh's Blankies!
    I will be praying for you, also praying for your family while you're away!

  3. Diana, I am so excited to follow both your personal blog and the PRO blog. April 19th is my birthday, so my birthday wish is that you all will love on LOTS and LOTS of these precious babies for ME since both of my girls are from this area. My prayers are with you all and your families as you travel. AnnC

  4. I love the pics of Julie and her family passing those out in the village. It was beautiful. I know our PRO babies are gonna love it!!