Monday, September 16, 2013

When Love Begins In China.......

"Kellan" with his Foster Mother ~ April, 2013

I am thrilled to announce that "Kellan" has been adopted and is now home with his forever family!  I had the pleasure of spending time with this precious child during my time in China.  I had tea in his home where he served me and the others visiting.  It was clear he was well taken care of and loved.   It was also clear that he was very attached to his special foster mother!  

 I received this note from "Kellan's" new Mom from Hong Kong as they were preparing to come home last week....

"You can tell he was totally LOVED in his foster home, it makes ALL the difference. THANK YOU TO PRO FOR EVERYTHING!" 

Thank you sponsors for making a difference in the lives of our Bamboo Babies as they wait for their turn to be forever loved too!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Catching Up!!! And, Introducing....

Well it's that time of year when many of us with kids can take a minute to catch their breath...  For me that includes trying to get caught up on months of blogging and Facebook updates for Pearl River!!!  Forgive me for my quiet lapses...  Nothing personal.. Just 4 kids needing me!  After next week, my baby girl will be back to school 3 days a week..  So, I am excited to keep more in touch with all of you!!!!

We had a VERY exciting summer at Pearl River Outreach..  THANK YOU for your great big hearts and love for our Babies!!!  Sponsorship is up, and we have all of you to thank for that..  I am just in awe of how you have stepped up to provide!  What a blessing you are...  We saw four more of our babies adopted in the last month...  We said goodbye to Hannah, Ava, Quinn and Grayson.  I pray that one day their new forever families will find me..  I have so many photos to share!

With our goodbyes we get to say hello to four new children...  What a gift to see them out of their orphanages and in our care...  It is my privilege to introduce our newest Bamboo Babies:

boy announcement finn - Page 001-1
Finn replaces Grayson in Changsha!

boy announcement garrison - Page 001-1
Garrison replaces Quinn in Changsha!

girl announcement delaney - Page 001-1
Delaney replaces Hannah in Changsha!

girl announcement teagan - Page 001-1
Teagan replaces Ava in Zhanjiang!

boy announcement gardner - Page 001-1
I know we introduced Gardner last month, but I had to share his sweet announcement..  He replaces Kade in Changsha!

Thanks again for your faithfulness!!!  More soon!!!!