Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Asher!


I was just preparing to start the Quarterly Reports for our sponsors. I was reading what each child's foster mother had to say about their charge.. And, I think this one about Asher is my favorite.. What a charming precious boy he is... Today Asher is 5 years old.. I pray this is the year he meets his forever family! Happy Birthday Asher! You are special!!!!"

From Asher's foster mom...

"He has been doing fabulous! He can now count past 100 and recites poetry for guests that come to visit his foster family. His foster mother has also taught him to pull out a chair for each guest. His foster mother says that he is a a very good and polite boy!"

I just wanted to note that Asher's special need is development delays and speech delays.. I would venture to say that used to be his special need!!! Way to go Asher!

Monday, February 20, 2012

"Harlow" is Home!!!!

About one month ago I was blessed to connect with "Harlow's" forever Mom!!!! Her new perfect name is, Tessa! She met her forever family in Changsha in December. From the sounds of it she has not looked back!! Being able to keep in touch with our Bamboo Babies after they are home is one of the biggest gifts we get here at Pearl River! Tto know our babies are safe and loved is all we can pray for! Thank you Nikki for sharing her with us!


Meeting Tessa in Changsha!

Here is what TESSA's sweet Mama, Nikki, had to say about her new precious daughter!

Tessa is doing amazing, and surprises us each day with how resilient she is! She never cried when we met, and was laughing in the van as we left the civil affairs office on gotcha day. She loves to play with her brothers, and they fight like they've been together for years, not months. She is adjusting to family life where there are rules and limits, but catches on quickly. She just had surgery to repair her special need, and is doing great! She understands everything we say, and speaks about 10-15 words. She can call her Mommy and Daddy, but llooooooovvvvveeesssss her Daddy. Luckily she doesn't reject Mommy, but Daddy has her heart. He is wrapped right around her little chubby pinky finger! We are so thankful for the existence of PRO and the services provided. We are so excited to be sponsoring someone now, and love to tell everyone we know about this awesome organization! Thanks PRO!!!
DSC_0353In China
Being loved by her Mama in China!
Riding home from the airport with her Brothers!!
Having fun at Great Wolf Lodge!
Celebrating Chinese New Year in the States!
Happy Birthday Tessa!
Soon another one of our Changsha girls and one of our Hengshan children will be also united with their forever families! We can't wait for their special days when we can celebrate that they are orphaned no more!!