Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What Love Can Do Wednesdays! ~ Caitlin!

Monthly I receive an email in my in-box with updated photos of our Pearl River Babies.  Monthly I am blessed to see their sweet faces.   It's an up-close monthly view, from a half a world away,  of how our children are growing and changing.

Today I was struck by one particular set of photos.  These pictures were of a little girl I met in April in ZhuZhou..  When I met her she was terrified of our group.  She had recently moved into foster care, and it was evident that she was still adjusting to her new surroundings..  She clung to her Foster Daddy and checked us out..  Her little feet never hit the ground while we were there.


Since our visit I have seen photos of sweet Caitlin..  And, in each one I can tell she is doing just fine.  Her sweet shy smiles are precious.  

This photo was taken in late May.  Just one month after we were with Caitlin!

Something in the photos I saw of her today caused me to pause...  She looks so happy and content..   Could this be what the love of a family can do?  



It's pictures like this that keep us going at PRO.  It's emails from Mom's who are home with our PRO children that encourage us to keep fighting for our Bamboo Babies.  It's little girls like sweet Caitlin that remind us of the difference a foster family can make while you wait.   Thank you for your great big hearts sponsors!  Because of you our babies are seeing just what love can do!!