Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We Need SIX New Sponsors!!!!! UPDATE


As I mentioned in my previous post, Wesleigh is brand new to our Changsha #1 program!  This little girl has a special place in my heart..  Not only is she named after one of my favorite little girls, she looks so much like my Hunan girl, Sienna when we first met her!  If you are being led to sign up for a one year sponsorship for Wesleigh, please let me know!!

SPONSORED!!!!!  Thank you "H" family!


Hannah joined us recently in Changsha.  She replaced our precious Lili who is now home and thriving with her Forever Family!  Hannah has been diagnosed as having brain damage.  To what extent I do not know.  Our reports on her are very good!  Recently her foster mother reported that she is doing great!  She is saying words, drinking with a cup, and walking with assistance!  Hannah was born on December 31, 2010.  She is also at Changsha #1 in Foster Care.
Hannah needs TWO Sponsors!

ONE sponsorship taken!  ONE still needed for precious Hannah!
Thank you "H" Family!

This is our sweet Gabriella.  As you know, I have put out my pleas for her before.  Gabriella has been on the Shared List for Waiting Children for over one year.  It is always hard to watch our kids wait.  There are many unknowns in her file, which we understand is scarey for any family.  Even if you can't step forward to adopt Gabriella, would you be interested in sponsoring our oldest Bamboo Baby?
Gabby is in Zhanjiang.  Her birthday is April 28, 2005.  She just turned 7 this past Spring.
Gabriella Needs ONE sponsor right now!

SPONSORED!!!  Thank you "M" Family!!


Aiden is another one of our Bamboo Babies who has waited too long for a Forever Family.
In just a few days, August 10th Aiden will be 4 years old!
Aiden is also in Zhanjiang with Gabriella.  He needs ONE sponsor right now!


This precious little boy is Joseph!!!  We have watched him bloom in our program.  When he first arrived he was so sad...  Now we so often see him with a great big mischievous smile on his face.  Usually when he is playing with his partner in crime, Jamison!
Joseph is in Hengshan, Hunan!
He needs ONE sponsor!!

The cost to sponsor a Bamboo Baby is $35per month.  We prefer PayPal payments, but will work with you on a monthly, quarterly, or annual payment by check too.  If you have any questions, you can contact me at diana@pearlriveroutreach.org

Thank you!!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Introducing our Newest Hunan Girl!!!!


We have a new precious girl in Changsha, and we have named her "Wesleigh!"
She is named after one of my favorite little girls from China.  They share the same special need; 
Post Operative Spinal Meningocele.

"Wesleigh" was born February 27, 2010.
She is in our program in Changsha.  

I am looking for one sponsor for "Wesleigh."  If you are interested, please email me at diana@pearlriveroutreach.org