Friday, December 14, 2012

How About The Gift of Sponsorship?

One of the reasons we started "Fill Their Stockings With Hope" last year was to help create a "cushion" fund for our Bamboo Babies.  A fund that would off-set sponsorships when they were needed, along with doing extra things for the children like celebrating their birthdays, getting them new clothes, buying educational toys, etc..  This fund has been an enormous blessing.

My job at Pearl River Outreach is to make sure that our kids are sponsored at 100%.  I have been doing this almost three years now, and I have been amazed at the generosity of our families.  Many of you have just found us, and emailed me to sponsor one of our kids.  Some of you have fallen in love with a photo, and have prayed for our babies to find their forever family..  Some of you have even been blessed to adopt one of our children...  It has been such a blessing to watch our Pearl River Family grow.  Our alumni of Bamboo Babies is growing each month as one leaves, and a new one joins us!  We have celebrated many adoptions in 2012!!  This month we are excited to announce that both Rue and Liza will be meeting their new families.  What a wonderful time of year to join your new family!  If you think of these sweet babies, please pray for their transitions.  No matter how prepared a child is to go, it's all new!  We are thankful that their time at PRO teaches them what love can do!  Our goal is that their hearts are open for the next part of their journey.  From the stories we have been blessed to follow we have seen this to be true!

This is the time of year when many of our sponsorships expire.  We have several children that need a family to help them along in the new year.  The cost of sponsorship is $35 per year, or $420 annually.  You have the choice of signing up monthly, quarterly, or annually by going to our donations page, here!

Here are the Bamboo Babies that need one or more sponsor families now!

Look at her kissable cheeks!!!!
(Needs 2 Sponsors)
Changsha, Hunan
Born June 22, 2011

(Needs 1 Sponsor)
Changsha, Hunan
Born June 24, 2010

(Needs 1 Sponsor)
Changsha, Hunan
Born March 14, 2010

*Fully Sponsored!
Changsha, Hunan
Born December 31, 2010

(Needs 2 Sponsors)
Changsha, Hunan
Born February 22, 2007

(Needs 2 Sponsors)
Changsha, Hunan
Born August 21, 2010

(Fully Sponsored!)
Zhanjiang, Guangdong
Born March 10, 2012

(Needs 1 Sponsor)
Hengshan, Hunan
September 12, 2007

Please email me directly with any questions!
We would love to have you join our Pearl River Family!


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