Monday, December 31, 2012

Three Sweet Boys Need Sponsorship!

Going into 2013 three of our Bamboo Baby Boys need one new family to sponsor them!  I am excited to see what the new year brings for our children!  Hopefully, it will be a year of many adoptions and sweet forever family moments!!!  I look forward to welcoming new children as we say goodbye to some of our precious kids!  I continue to be amazed at the gift of watching our families grow!!  A special thank you to all of our current and past Pearl River sponsors.  You are blessing these kids daily with your financial support!!

For now, there are three little guys, that need you!  Two of these boys have been with us a while.  Praying this is their year!!

Introducing from oldest to youngest:


Age 5
Born February 22, 2007
Special Need - Development and Speech Delays

Here is what Asher's foster mother told us about him recently!  "Asher has been doing fabulous. He can now count past 100 and recites poetry for guests that come to visit his foster family. His foster mother has also taught him to pull a chair out for each guest. His foster mother says that he is very good & polite boy.

Age 5
Born September 12, 2007 
Special Need - Deformity of the right hand

Our team was just with Joseph last month..  Here is a summary of what Julie had to say about this very special little boy...  "I was most impressed with "Joseph."  When I first met him when he joined our program in 2009 his serious face and big eyes made a deep impression on me.  He almost never smiled.  But with the meticulous care from his foster family, he started gradually changing.  We see him smile all the time now!  "Joseph" is a smart and handsome little boy.  I hope he can have a adoptive family soon!"

Age 2
Born August 21, 2010
Special Need - Post Operative Foot Deformity

Here is what Cayden's Foster Mother told us about him..  "Cayden's foster mom says that he is a very happy boy, but that he does occasionally throw temper tantrums when he does not get his way.  (Sounds like a normal 2 year old to me!! :) ) Cayden's vocabulary continues to grow and he makes his wants known. His foster mother says that he always takes his socks & shoes off when he is in the buggy at the local market. His foster mother says that she loves the boy very much.

If you would like to be the sponsor of Asher, Joseph, or Cayden you can sign up directly at our donation page here.
Or, you can email me at

Sponsorships are $420 annually.
Pearl River is a non-profit organization, and all sponsorship donations are tax deductible!

Thank you, and Happy New Year!!!

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  1. Diana,
    Did u find a sponsor for the boys yet? We can add Joseph to our sponsorships if he still needs it or really any of the boys. Just let me know! :)