Sunday, March 29, 2009

Vitamin D

Ahhhh, spring is in the air. Sun, and a little rain, have spruced up the lawns to a beautiful green color and brought out a barrage of robins who signal the sign of warmer days to come. I will be the first to admit that dark, cold, and dreary days directly affect my mood (just ask Julie) and the passing of another winter season brings a smile to my face. I have always heard that the sun, although potentially harmful, does serve a very important function to the human body...vitamin D. Oh yes, count me in as a vitamin D junkie. I need it. I crave it. Intervention? Not there yet, but close!
The curtains and blinds that got little use during the cold months have been put to the test now that we open them daily to invite the sun into our home. Friends and family who haven't spoken for the past 180 days again ring the phone off the hook. Talks of get-togethers, cookouts, and reunions are now the main topics of conversation. Tall tales are being told once again and photo albums are dusted off and find themselves on tabletops throughout the house, to be looked at by all who enter here. This brings me to a sweet story that Julie told me about our 4-year old daughter, Sydney, from just yesterday.
Julie was showing her mother photos of our Bamboo Babies and Sydney huddled close by (she hates to miss a thing). As the pages were turned, one photo really caught Sydney's eye. It was the photo of a precious little girl with only one arm. Sydney's eyes grew wide as she sweetly asked, "Awww, that little girl only has one arm, why does she only have one arm?!" Julie explained that the little girl was born with only one arm and Sydney immediately commented in a sullen and sad way, "Oh no, how is she supposed to hug someone?!" Wow. She is 4. So sweet. So young, yet so concerned about others. Even children can teach us tremendous lessons in life, can't they?
Thank you for helping us help others. Thank you for helping us help beautiful little children all over China. Our Bamboo Babies are your Bamboo Babies. We are still in need of sponsors and those who are willing to donate to our general fund. Please spread the word! Ahhhh, spring: it delivers us from our cocoon of hibernation and begs for us to shake off the rust and get motivated! I will answer its call, how about you?