Monday, March 16, 2009

March 16, 2009

I knew when I was tagged by my cohorts to be in charge of writing the blog posts that I would never be able to hold up my end of the bargain. It is nice to know I didn't let them down! This whole blog thing is harder then it looks. I mean, c'mon, when am I supposed to find the time in between work, kids, work, kids, work, kids, work...well, you get the idea. I'd finally had enough and told myself that I would not let you, the reader, down any longer! Ahh, I can't lie. Julie threatened to throw away my favorite girl scout cookies and cancel the satellite TV. (OK, dear, you win again).
We want to thank those of you who have followed along with the blog and who have shown an interest in what we are doing. Many of you have spread the word about PRO, and we have gained some sponsors and donors within only a few weeks! The Mifan Mommy Club has exploded and we are thrilled at the possibilities of what we can do to aid the children of the Anhui Fu Yang Orphanage with nutritious rice! Please continue to pass the word along about what we do, and the love we have for helping children throughout China.
Many of you have also shown an interest in the PRO & Bamboo Babies buttons that Julie placed on the blog, and wished that you could advertise for Pearl River Outreach on your own websites and/or blogs by displaying the buttons. I can attest to the fact that Julie spent alot of time trying to design the buttons and place them on our blog (believe me, I am well aware - I couldn't chat on Facebook for hours). If you would like to have the buttons to use on your sites/blogs, please feel free to e-mail Julie @ and she will be happy to send you the "HTML code" so that you might use them at your leisure.
As we are so new to the blogging world, we have found ourselves taking baby steps as we explore possibilities that may be very obvious to some of you. Please know that we are excited about the new year that stands before us and we will do what we can to get current updates to you about PRO!
Thanks again for all that you have done, and what you have pledged to do in supporting our organization. From all of us here at Pearl River Outreach...we wish that warmer weather would HURRY UP AND GET HERE!!! Until the next post...........................