Friday, March 6, 2009

Training Team in Action

Many of you have been smitten by our Bamboo Babies and stepped forward to help by sponsoring a child or making a donation. Thank you!!! Along with initiating, and running, our Bamboo Babies Foster Care Programs, Pearl River Outreach also provides basic medical training to orphanages and foster parents throughout China. I wish I could report that Kevin and I are the brains behind the hands-on instruction that PRO provides, but I cannot. I must aim that spotlight onto the real heroins of our organization, Christina and Julie. Our wives have advanced medical backgrounds that is required to conduct such medical training within the orphanages and foster homes. Kevin and I are barely able to work a thermometer, so we decided that the women should take the lead on this one! This video is of the girls in action and, as it shows, they have a wonderful time sharing their knowledge with orphanage staff and foster parents. Providing professional, basic medical training is the foundation of Pearl River Outreach, and Christina and Julie cannot wait to again work with caregivers of China's orphaned children!

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