Monday, July 16, 2012

Please Help Evie Have A Chance!!


This morning I received an email from one of our Pearl River Families.  They sponsor sweet Baby Rue in Zhanjiang.  Please take the time to read Lindsey's email to me....  When you are done please sign their petition to help save Evie's life, and pass this on using your Facebook contacts and blogs if you feel led!  Thank you in advance for your great big hearts!

"My 3 year old adopted from China in 2010 was recently diagnosed with Moyamoya disease, a very rare, progressive, life threatenting, cerebrovascular disease  (I think I just hit the limit for allowed adjectives in one sentence).  She needs 2 brain surgeries asap.  Our HMO is only authorizing the surgeries be done with their in network neurosurgeon who has done "approx 20 " of these in his career; meanwhile one of the world's leading experts on this rare disease is just a few hours from our home at Stanford University and has performed almost 1000 of these operations.  The operation is an all or nothing.  Once the patient is operated on, that is it.  There is no room for error because they are inoperable afterwards.  As any parent in our shoes would, we are fighting this case and plan to appeal it next week for our insurance to approve this out of network referral.  Because the condition is life threatening, we are doign all we can to expedite things. 
If you wouldn't mind signing and if you are so moved, here is a link to our online petition started by a friend (We plan to use it in our appeal next week).
If you want more info, the blog we started when we got this diagnosis can be found at:
As you can imagine, being in my position, I am stalking, I mean, reaching out to any and all potential contacts.  Please feel free to pass along our info to others who may be willing to sign or help in some way.  Whether or not you are able to pass the petition on, we are still accepting good thoughts and prayers.  :)  Thank you for reading."

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