Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Zhan Ming Gu (Gabriella) Needs A Family!!

Our precious "Gabriella" from the Children's Welfare Institute of Zhanjiang City in Guangdong was released as a Special Focus child on the shared list last night!


Ming Gu just turned 6 years old. Her birthday is April 28, 2005. Her special need is post-operative cleft lip and palate. Ming Gu is also reported to be physically delayed.

We are praying that a very special family will come forward to give Gabriella the love and patience she deserves. We believe with a loving forever family she will blossom and thrive!

Please feel free to email me at diana@pearlriveroutreach.org for more information. Since she was released as a "Special Focus" child you do not need to be logged in to lock her file!!!!



  1. I hope she finds a loving family soon! xo

  2. We have been honored to sponsor this sweet girl, it is our heartfelt desire that she find her forever family. God speed sweet girl.

  3. She is so sweet! She is from the same orphanage as my 6 year old daughter Olivia Grace. Chloe our 2 year old sponsor child is also from Zhanjiang as I know you know! Can you tell me if she has been placed on an agency list? Do you know if or when she might be put on the shared list??
    Thanks so much!
    Barbie Huff

  4. I am spreading the word about ming Gu. My 10-year old is from Zhanjiang as well. Gabriella is going to bless her family.

  5. We are praying that the really specific loved ones will appear forward to provide Gabriella the adore and patience she deserves.
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