Tuesday, May 31, 2011



Sweet Olivia is back in Hengshan, and she is in need of 3 sponsors to be part of our program. She left last year to receive physical therapy at Changsha #1! But, now she is back, and we are happy to see her sweet smiling face again!!!! Olivia is also available for adoption through Holt International. We would love to see her find her forever family in the next year too. But, until then we hope you will help us give her the love and attention that she needs and deserves!!!!

If you would like to sponsor Olivia, the cost is $35.00 per month. You can sign up via PayPal at our PRO website. Click Here to sign up. Olivia is in Hengshan, Hunan.

You can also email me at diana@pearlriveroutreach.org.

Thank you!!!



  1. Oh I am so glad to see she is back also! I can't wait to show Eliana her smiling face. It was a blessing to sponsor her for the time we did before she was moved from PRO and I will pray that three other families feel led to sponsor her now. Actually, Eliana still prays for her faithfully every day along with Mason whom we do sponsor!


  2. It was a blessing to sponsor her for your time we do prior to she was moved from expert and I will pray that 3 other households
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