Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Fun Day at The Zoo!

Our amazing staff at Changsha #1 is working hard to come up with some fun ideas for the children! Recently they asked us if they could take the children and their foster mothers to the zoo! We thought this was a wonderful idea.. So, at the end of March the group set out on their first adventure!!! It looks like they had a beautiful day. They also celebrated three special birthdays while they were there for "Gwynne, Ethan, and Luke!"

A great big thank you for the "B" family for making this day possible for the children! Most likely this was the first time that our sweet children have ever done something like this!





Luke, Gwynne, and Ethan!
(Thanks "B" family and Kim W. for making these bday parties possible!)

Plans are in the works for their next field trip already!!!!!!!

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