Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Very Special Sponsor Family!

I have said it before, we are blessed with wonderful sponsors at Pearl River Outreach!

We have a very special family in the Netherlands that have allowed us to make sure our Hengshan babies are toasty and warm this winter! They sent us a donation and asked us to buy warm clothes for the kids. They also happen to be Jamison's sponsors. So, not only did Jamison get to celebrate his birthday in style this year. He also got to celebrate in a new hat, mittens, scarf, shoes and a snow suit! And, so did his friends!!!!

Thank you "V" family, for loving our Bamboo Babies! And, for making Jamison feel so very special! You are a blessing to our Hengshan babies!! And, we are truly grateful for your great big hearts and your generosity!

Cloth, hats and shoose for HS children
Dr. Tong getting the gifts ready to share in Hengshan!

Jamison with his foster mom trying on this new clothes!!

Lina! So adorable in pink!


Baby Mason and Dr. Tong!

Precious Joseph!

Group picture 1

Merry Christmas!!


  1. Oh how precious!! And I got to see Baby Mason whom we sponsor!! They all look adorable!

  2. Oh my goodness, to see such sweet faces having so much fun! Thank you for sharing, and I get to see our little peanuts that we are blessed to sponsor!