Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Jamison and Oliver!!

Thanks to a very special family, we are now able to celebrate the birthdays of our Bamboo Babies in a special way! We have received a donation that allows us to make each one of our babies feel extra special on their birthdays by celebrating with a cake, and even a party with their friends!! The first of these birthdays just happened recently. I am so excited about this amazing blessing for our kids, and their foster mothers!

Happy birthday Jamison and Oliver! And, thank you from the bottom of my heart C & M!

Group picture 1
Jamison celebrating in Hengshan with Joseph, Lina and Mason!
Jamison turned 6 on December 7th!

Jamison in his new hat, scarf, and mittens from one of his amazing sponsors along with the very special Dr. Tong, who helps to take care of our babies in Hunan. More on a very special donation to Jamison's friends in my next post!

Oliver's B-day_2
Adorable Oliver with the most beautiful cake!!
Oliver turned 1 on November 11th!

Lunch 15OliverDrTong

Oliver & Dr. Tong!

Oliver needs one sponsor!!! You can sign up HERE if you would like to bless this precious boy in 2011!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYS! We pray you have a wonderful year!

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