Friday, April 23, 2010

Looking For Forever Families! NOW!!

Rarely in China do we find Orphanage Directors that reach out for help. Well, the fabulous Director Wei at Changsha #1 in Hunan has done just that! She cares about her children, and she wants to find forever families for all of her charges! All of the children on this post are currently available on the shared list. Please help us find loving families for these beautiful kids!

This is Zander! Our team just met him when they were in Changsha a few weeks ago.
Let's just say they were smitten with this handsome boy!!!! "Zander" does have a MINOR special need, but based on what I have heard it does not slow him down one bit!!!! I can't wait to hear who is blessed with this little man! Zander turned 7 in November!

Born 11-5-2002
Born 4-4-2003

Born 10-29-2001
Born 8-24-1997

Born 6-22-2002
Born 10- 29-1998

Born 5-29-2003

I am happy to share more information, including Chinese names if you email me directly at Please feel free to forward this link or post it on your blogs!

Thank you!


  1. Oh my. I'm just smitten with all of them. Please continue to keep your blog family posted on these beautiful children.

  2. If DH would say yes....
    I will keep them in my prayers.
    So happy that PRO can help find the forever families!

  3. Hi Diana. I tried to email you at the address above and it would not go through.

    I advocate on my blog every week for different waiting kids and I would love to put these beautiful kids on this week. Can I post their pics as well and who do I put as a person of contact? My blog address is

    Thanks so much.

  4. Oh and my email address is Thanks again!

  5. A friend past on your blogspot with the children from Changsha 1. We are wanting to adopting a girl that is about to age out and noticed Heather. She is beautiful. Can you send me more information on her to Thanks, Karen