Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Lindsey's" Home!!

I can't think of a better gift than seeing our Bamboo Babies home with there Forever Families. Precious "Lindsey" in our Hengshan program, met her Mom, Dad, and big sister in Changsha, Hunan on November 9th. She had just turned four a few days earlier! She is now home safely with her four new siblings and the family dog!!

I am blessed to have a personal relationship with this family. And, it all began because or Pearl River. I was Lindsey's sponsor along with three other special families here! I had the privilege to follow along while they were in China meeting Lindsey. I can tell you first hand that our Bamboo Babies program is working! Lindsey's Foster Mom did a wonderful job of loving her and preparing her to be loved by her new family! Her reports always described her as a joy to be with. From these photos, you can see why!

Thank you to her family for their willingness to share these precious photos with us! It's a blessing to know that we at Pearl River, were a part of Lindsey's life while she waited for you!


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  1. What a darling girl! I've been praying for her ever since I first saw her picture over a year ago. How wonderful to see her home now!! Such a beautiful family!