Monday, December 14, 2009

An Angel Named Ms. Meng...

Today we want to introduce you to one of our favorite people at Pearl River Outreach, Ms. Meng! She is responsible for overseeing our children that reside in Changsha #1 and The Hengshan SWI. Ms. Meng has been a nurse for 32 years, specializing in Internal Medicine! From what I understand she is a confident, hard working dynamo, that makes sure our children are getting the love, and care they deserve! She will tell you that the hardest part of her job is worrying that the children are all healthy and safe. She visits each family at least once a month, and makes sure the foster families are doing their part to take care of their babies!
Ms. Meng does all of the training for our foster families in Hunan. She has been working with families personally for eight years. When she visits our Bamboo Babies she observes them in their environment, and makes sure the conditions in which they are living are acceptable. When she sees things are not what they should be, she works with our families to correct it. Ms. Meng also works directly with both or our affiliated orphanages to maintain a great working relationship!
Training the Foster Parents

When we asked Ms. Meng what she likes best about her job, she replied: "I like visiting families very much. And, I really enjoy watching the children as they grow up and get adopted by their forever families!"

Thank you Ms. Meng for blessing our Bamboo Babies!

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