Friday, October 2, 2009

Thank you for your Gifts of Hope!

Thank you to all of you who have checked out our new blog this week. We are so grateful at the positive response we have had! We have had THIRTEEN new families join us to sponsor FOURTEEN children!!!!!!!!!!!! What a blessing for our Bamboo Babies!

I want to personally thank:

The Sweatt Family
The van der Hoffe Family
The Barbaro Family
The Crago Family
The Hikade Family
The Huber Family
The Kane Family
The Sandstede Family
The Cannon Family
The Schaefer Family
The Stafiel Family
The Eriksen Family
The Rodriguez Family

We still have 16 sponsorships available for: (Photos Sept. 28th Post Below)

Hayden - 1 Sponsor Needed (Changsha)
Derek - 2 Sponsors Needed (Changsha)
Addison - 1 Sponsor Needed (Changsha)
Sydney - 1 Sponsor Needed (Changsha)
Ruby - 2 Sponsors Needed (Changsha)
Jamison - 2 Sponsors Needed (Hengshan)
Olivia - 1 Sponsor Needed (Hengshan)
Chase - 1 Sponsor Needed (Zhangjiang)
Caitlin - 1 Sponsor Needed (Zhangjiang)
Aiden - 1 Sponsor Needed (Zhangjiang)
Chloe - 3 Sponsors Needed (Zhangjiang)

Thank you again! You are giving these children the gift of a family and the gift of hope!


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