Sunday, October 4, 2009

I need a sponsor!

I am excited to kick off the second week of our Sponsorship Campaign. We feel truly blessed by the positive response we got last week! Below are the precious Bamboo Babies that still need sponsors! We have TWELVE sponsorships left, and one pending!!!! THANK YOU!

Chase -(Zhangjiang)
BDay 6-3-07
1 Sponsor Needed

Caitlin - (Zhangjiang)
Bday 5-01-09
NEW SPONSOR - Thank you Doughty Family!!

Aiden - (Zhangjiang)
Bday - 8-10-08
1 Sponsor Needed

Chloe - (Zhangjiang)
Bday 3-6-09
Sponsored in Full!
NEW SPONSOR - Thank your Edwards Family!!
Hayden - (Changsha)
Bday 7-8-08
1 Sponsor Needed

Derek - (Changsha)
Bday 11-9-06
2 Sponsors Needed

Sydney - (Changsha)
Bday 8-27-08
Sponsored in Full!!!
New Sponsor - Thank you Waters Family!!

Addison - (Changsha)
Bday 6-2-07
Sponsored in Full!
New Sponsor - Thank you Kim & The 3Peanuts

Ruby - (Changsha)
Bday - 6-30-08
2 Sponsor Needed

Jamison - (Hengshan)
2 Sponsors Needed
Bday 12-7-04
*1 Sponsor Pending

Olivia - (Hengshan)
1 Sponsor Needed
Bday 11-26-07

If you have any questions, please contact me directly at Or, go to our donate tab to the top right of our sidebar. When you get there, you will see that you can pick the program where the child is you would like to sponsor. You can pay by PayPal or send a check directly to PRO. You can email me directly, and let me know what child you would like to sponsor. You can also make that note on your PayPay transaction.

I look forward to hearing from you, and to having you join our growing Pearl River family!


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  1. I love coming over and looking at our little Addison:) So sweet. I am putting the blog button up today.