Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Mama Mia Bundle Winner!!!!!


The very blessed winner of Bundle #2 can not be revealed by name!  Why? Because she doesn't know..  Her very special Santa Clause is surprising her...  I do believe she is going to be one very happy Mama on Christmas Morning!!!!

Donations continue to come in.  Thank you!  I am so excited about our current Photography Bundle, and the last exciting offer we have coming at the end of the week..  I am hopeful we will get to our $5000 goal!

Please continue to spread the word, so we can make those stockings overflow with hope!!!!

I close this fun post, by introducing our two new additions at Pearl River. 
Welcome Scarlett and Harrison!!

girl announcement scarlett - Page 001

boy announcement harrison - Page 001

Merry Christmas!

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