Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Bamboo Baby Alumni!!

First of all I want to personally thank all of you that have already donated to Pearl River through"Fill Their Stockings with Hope" this year.  I hope you will continue to check out our weekly offers!!!  We are inching our way up to quad-digits!!!!  My goal is to get to $1000 donated by 11:59 tomorrow night...  I know we can do it..  It's a great bundle with something for everyone on your list! 

Lately, I have been thinking so much about our orphans at PRO..  Sometimes I forget that my three precious blessings from China were orphans too...  It seems un-imaginable when I look at them peacefully sleeping in their beds now...  Last week was "Orphan Sunday" at our church..  Before it, we sat down Sienna and Ruby to talk to them about what they might hear at church..  They both stared at us blankly when we used the word orphan..  As I teared up, they said, "What's an orphan?"  Bless their hearts...  I guess it's not a word we have used to describe being adopted at our house...  I am so thankful that they are orphaned no more...  But, what about the "least of these", that are still waiting for their forever families..."

Did you know Sienna Grace was once a Pearl River baby too?  While she waited for us, she had a home, and a family to love her...  To this day, she refers to her foster mother as her, "China Mom."  This special woman gave her a sense of security and the confidence to love.  I hope to meet her one day...  I just may have that chance soon...

Since, my role in "Fill Their Stockings" is to raise money on behalf of our kids, I thought it would be fun to share a few then and now photos with you of some of our Bamboo Baby Alumni! 




So, a special thank you to our PRO sponsors, and to those of you donating this season...  The money we receive from you will make a difference..  It will allow our children not only to have the necessities they need to be warm, well fed, and clean..  It will give them the opportunity to get outside of their homes to have some fun with friends, it will give them a birthday celebration, and so much more...  In addition it will give us the cushion we need to make sure our children are funded when sponsorships are not at 100%.  In summary,  your donation will bless a little girl or boy that will hopefully never grow up with that orphan label..  Our hope is that they too will have an adoption date, and a forever family!  But, until they do, we are committed to taking care of them!!

Remember,  our second awesome bundle expires tomorrow, Wednesday at 11:59pm!!  So, please take the time to donate your $5.00 or more now!!!!  THANK YOU!


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