Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Meet Grayson!!!

When one of our Bamboo Babies is adopted, another usually quickly replaces them... The goal of our program is to give our children the love and the hope they need until their forever families are ready for them! We just got news that precious Lucy was adopted!! If anyone knows her family, please get in touch with me!!!! One of the rewards of my job is sharing with new families, photos of their Bamboo Babies when they get home!

It is my pleasure to introduce our newest Changsha baby boy, Grayson!!! Check out the gorgeous lips and round cheeks on this "little" guy!!


Changsha #1
Born November 19, 2009
Heart Baby

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  1. Hi...what a cutie. Did you by chance ever have any luck finding out where Ainsley went?? I often think about her and wonder where in the US she is!!