Tuesday, September 29, 2009

16 Sponsorships Left! (See Post Below!)

THANK YOU to the families that have come forward by either signing up or making a verbal commitment that you want to sponsor one of our Bamboo Babies!!!! And, I know many of you are praying about it! I will be praying for you too!!!

It is an awesome blessing to give back in this way... Just think, what we can spend $35 on in one month:
  • 9 Venti Latte's at Starbuck's
  • A decent Manicure
  • A Haircut (OK not mine, but some of you guys out there!)
  • The extras you throw in your cart at Target that you don't really need
  • A "quick" stop at Costco
  • And, the list goes on....
Or, for $1.15 per day for a year you can feed, clothe, and provide loving care for one of our Bamboo Babies! What's stopping you? I promise you will be blessed!

Thank you again for the outpouring of support. I LOVE my new "job!"

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