Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spring has sprung!

Ahhhhh!!! What an enjoyable few days we had last week to bask in the sun and dream of cook-outs, swimming pools, and family vacations! Now all I need is for the rain to go away and the warm temps to come back!

We have a few things to report since the last time I posted. Unfortunately, we lost a few sponsors earlier this year as a direct result of the trying economic times. At the same time, however, we gained 3 new sponsors... just within the past 3 weeks!

Recently, we have seen some of our foster children be adopted by loving people who desire to provide them with a special new family. What a wonderful thing to occur, both in the lives of these precious children as well as the lives of the adoptive parents. What a beautiful journey for them to experience!!

As our Babies are adopted, we look forward to adding new children to the BB program. Therefore, we have 3 of our newest Bamboo Babies to introduce to you today: Addison, Brooke, and Gavin!!! Some of these little ones have already found sponsorship, and we are hopeful that they become fully sponsored in the near future. Please take a peek at the accompanying video of these 3 cuties. If you, or someone you know would like to sponsor one of these children or any of the 18 Bamboo Babies in our program, feel free to contact us for more information (or simply find the PayPal link on our website). Enjoy the week!

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