Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A HUGE Thank you from ZJ!!!

A very special group of big hearts from Evansville, IN collected and donated money for our Bamboo Babies in Zhanjiang...  This money was put towards new clothes and shoes for our kiddos there.  Below are a few collages of our sweet kiddos sporting there new wardrobes!!!

THANK YOU for your generous donation!  Your blessing the children in this way does make a difference in the lives!!!!


Gabriella, (Zhan Ming Gu) is still available as a Special Focus Child!  We continue to pray that she will find her forever family soon!  Gabriella will turn 7 on April 28th!


Aiden has been in our program for quite a while.  We pray this is his year too!!!!  Aiden will turn 4 in August!


Sweet Caroline is 1.5 years old already.  What a little sweetie she is!

We have a lot going on at PRO!  And, I am soooooo behind in blogging about it!  We have new kids, kids we have said goodbye too, and birthday's to recognize!  I hope to bring you all up to speed in the upcoming week!!!!  Thank you for blessing our babies with your contributions and with your prayers!!